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Welcome to Our Planet! It's filled with kids, dogs, and crocheted guinea pigs! (A real guinea pig, too!)

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I grew up an only child.  I do have a half-sister and half-brother.  They are quite a bit older than me and I never lived with them, so even though I refer to them as my sister and brother, I’m still an only child at heart.  I live with the best husband ever.  I’m so glad we found each other!  My three children are my passion.  They are sweeties and perfect angels.  Except when they’re not!  We have two dogs, a sweet beagle and a fun-loving Parson Russell Terrier.  We also have a really old guinea pig and some ridiculously old goldfish!  Edited to add: Our sweet guinea pig, Cheeks, died in October 2008 at the age of 6.  We miss him and I can’t bring myself to take him out of our blog’s tag line. He remains in our hearts and in the tag line!

I like to cook, crochet and read.  I like to take pictures with my new dslr camera, mostly of my kids (of course!) and I get some great action shots of our Parson Russell Terrier.  He is fast!  I’m currently learning a bunch of computer “stuff” (technical term there!) to get this blog looking the way I want it to.  It’s fun to learn, but boy do I feel dumb most of the time.  I’ve got to read stuff over and over to finally get what it’s saying!

You can contact me by email: gayle at planetmfiles dot com  I would love to hear from you!  You can also find me on twitter!  I am @planetmfiles, and our Parson Russell Terrier has his own twitter account!  He is @TimmyPlanetM Follow us!  My Flickr photostream is here.

Please note my policy regarding my patterns is as follows:  These patterns are my own and they are protected by copyright laws.  They are intended for your personal use only.  All other uses are strictly prohibited.  These patterns and items made from them may not be sold or used for monetary gains.

My patterns and all photographs are copyrighted.

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