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Free Crochet Firefly Pattern!

June 29th, 2010 · 7 Comments

You can click on the Firefly photo to see it bigger!

Summertime is…fireflies!  Here is one you can make yourself!  As with most of my patterns, this is very quick and easy to crochet.  You can make a whole swarm of them!

Crochet Firefly

Pattern created by Gayle

Size: Approximately 5 inches long


  • Worsted weight yarn.  I used Red Heart Super Saver in yellow and Red Heart Super Saver in black.  Also I used a gray worsted weight yarn that I bought from a bargain bin and a small amount of Sugar ‘n Cream in Country Red to sew on the wings.
  • Stitch marker (I use a small piece of a contrasting color of yarn)
  • Crochet Hook – Size G
  • Fiberfill Stuffing
  • 1 black chenille stick, cut into three equal length pieces for the legs
  • 6 mm half round Darice Round eyes – 2

Gauge: Not important

Abbreviations: sc = single crochet, ch = chain, sl st = slip stitch, st = stitch

Notes: The firefly body is made in rounds.  Rounds are worked in continuous spirals, do not join.  Do not turn at the end of each round.

Firefly Body – made in rounds

  1. With gray, chain 2.
  2. 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Mark first st for beginning of round and move marker up for each round.
  3. 1 sc in each sc around for 3 rounds – 8 sc. in each round
  4. For me, this was a good place to stop for a moment and sew on the mouth. I just did a straight stitch in black and knotted it inside.
  5. Now continuing with the body, 1 sc in each sc around for 7 more rounds – 8 sc in each round.  You will need to change to the yellow yarn while working your last stitch of your last round of gray. This begins the yellow “tail or light-up” portion of the firefly.
  6. With the yellow, 1 sc in each sc around for 4 rounds – 8 sc in each round.
  7. Sl st, then cut yarn leaving a long tail. Knot by pulling yarn tail through the yarn on the hook.
  8. Stuff with fiberfill. You can use the eraser end of a pencil or a dowel to push the stuffing all the way to the end.
  9. Weave yarn in and out of sc’s all around.  Pull yarn tight to close opening, knot yarn and feed tail into body to hide it.

Wings – Make 2

  1. With black, chain 4, turn
  2. sc in 2nd ch from hook and in the rest of the sc’s across, ch 1, turn
  3. sc across, ch 1, turn, for 9 rows.
  4. skip the first sc, 1 sc in next 2 stitches, ch 1, turn
  5. sc in the first stitch, sl st in the next, cut yarn and finish off by pulling yarn tail through the yarn on the hook to make a knot.
  6. Weave yarn ends into underside of wings.


  1. Sew the wings onto the firefly body with the Country Red Sugar ‘n Cream yarn.
  2. Glue the eyes on.  I use a low temperature glue gun.
  3. Feed your three pieces of chenille stick into the underside of the body and bend them to make the legs.

You are finished!

This pattern is my own and is protected by copyright laws.  It is intended for your personal use only.  All other uses are strictly prohibited.  Do not reprint this pattern without my express written permission. This pattern and items made from it may not be sold or used for monetary gains.

This pattern and all photographs are copyrighted.

All Rights Reserved.

© 2008 to the end of time – Planet M Files

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments or email me: gayle at planetmfiles dot com

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  • 1 Katie in MA // Jun 29, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    He’s adorable! I bet you could make his body a solid color, give him longer legs and make him the Cricket in Times Square!

  • 2 Gayle // Jun 30, 2010 at 8:51 am

    @Katie – Thanks for the idea!

  • 3 Diane // Jun 30, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    wow, that is incredible talent. That looks amazing.

  • 4 Se'lah // Jun 30, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Now THAT is the coolest firefly EVA!!! i want one 😉

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