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Healing Project for Se’Lah

February 13th, 2012 · 6 Comments

Please read the post below, written by Vchelle and posted on her blog,  Operation You.  All of the information for helping Se’Lah is included.

Healing Project for SeLah – Can you help?

Peace and Blessings!

Do you know of anyone in your life that has shown deep, unwavering love for God’s Creation?  I do.  Her name is Selah.  She is my wonderful friend, my true sister, and a passionate supporter of humankind; now, she needs our help.
Selah has used her blog, Necessary Room, to help hundreds of people in need.  She has brought people together from around the world, allowing people to use Necessary Room as a platform to give, to love, to heal, and to establish beautiful friendships.  “Practice Kindness” is how Selah explains her online projects to uplift the sick and love the forgotten.   One of my favorites is, “Selah’s Angels“, a project established to send an anonymous card to encourage those who are battling cancer.
Now, it is time to help her; Selah has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Because she believes in natural healing, she has decided to attend the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. Total cost is $5,000.00.  Her health insurance will not cover the cost.
Will you help Selah continue to help others, by helping her?  If everyone can give a little something, it will go a long way.
You may send electronic donations via to: or you can mail donations to:

72 Fairview Oak Place

Dallas, GA  30157

Will you post this announcement on your blog?  Thank you.Thank you, in advance, for your love, support, and prayers.  I started a non-profit organization for people who want to heal mind, body & soul; It is called Light, Liberty & Love, Inc.  Stay tuned…Have questions?  Email me at or call me at 678-478-0777.

Light, Liberty & Love, always.

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February 6th, 2012 · 5 Comments

Click on the photos to see them bigger!

I was outside with Timmy this morning and the sparkles of the morning frost in the grass were so pretty!  I wasn’t sure if I could capture their beauty, but this is my attempt!

Here is Timmy checking to see if we have any mice in our woodpile!

I hope you have a beautiful, sparkly Monday!

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