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Welcome to Our Planet! It's filled with kids, dogs, and crocheted guinea pigs! (A real guinea pig, too!)

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Happy Things!

Random Things That Make Me Happy!

  • All three of my kids outside playing after dinner on a summer evening!
  • The smell of bread baking.
  • My teen-aged son learning computer programming, in his free time!
  • My youngest son learning photography!
  • My daughter’s drawings!
  • Making Halloween decorations with my youngest son!
  • Power failures that lead to wonderful family time!
  • My youngest son looking for his big sister to play together!
  • My teen-aged son enthusiastically playing his guitar!
  • My daughter designing and sewing her own stuffed “critter”, persevering even when it got tough!
  • My teen-aged son telling me about a great book he just finished reading (Fahrenheit 451).
  • My daughter helping me put together the Stan and Floss Adventure posts.
  • My youngest son and my husband going to the ice rink to spend time together.
  • Watching people out on the ice, ice fishing.  What makes me happy is that I’m not out there with them! Brrr!