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Entries from July 2009

Stuff I Love, With A Little Complaining

July 16th, 2009 · 10 Comments

My mind is speeding along today.  A not so great side effect of the Prednisone I’m on (again) for more poison ivy rashes.  Along with that are the feeling that my ears are clogged and a really unpleasant indigestion feeling.  How in the world can I be getting poison ivy when I don’t go near […]

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Timmy On The Other Side

July 14th, 2009 · 8 Comments

This is what happens when Timmy is left on the opposite side of the fence from his pack (us!) This dog is not hesitant about telling us how he feels! I’m busy working on exciting crafty things today!  I’ll tell you about it very soon! (I’m posting this so that I don’t procrastinate any longer!) […]

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