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Why I Have My Email Program Password Protected

October 17th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Back in the old days when my kids were little they would use my computer to play games like Lego Racers and Tonka Search and Rescue.  They also knew how to use the email program, although when I think back on it now I don’t remember exactly why they knew how to use it.  I guess they used to watch me email people!

The first email silliness was a case of mistaken identity on my daughter’s part.  A grownup niece of mine and my hair cutter at the time had the same first name.  Out of the blue my daughter decided to email my niece and she asked my niece if she was a hair cutter.  Of course, she didn’t put her name on the email so it looked like it came from me.  My niece must have thought, “Gee, Aunt Gayle is losing it!”  I also didn’t find out about this until a long time later, so I never bothered to tell my niece that it wasn’t me that sent it!

The next incident is the one that prompted me to put that password on IMMEDIATELY!  My husband has two brothers and they are both wonderful, fun uncles to my kids.  One day my youngest son decided to email Uncle M.  He sent Uncle M a very short simple email.  It said simply “I love you.”  Again, no signature.  Again from my email account, with ONLY MY NAME ON IT!  Yes, an email to my brother-in-law, from my email address, saying, “I love you.”   AHHHHHH!  Again, my sweet child did not tell me about it.  Why would he?  It was just a heartfelt email to his uncle.  I was looking through my sent email folder for something when I discovered it.  We saw my mother-in-law and father-in-law just after this.  I told my MIL and she thought it was hysterically funny!  I asked her to tell M that my little one sent it, not me.  I sure hope that she remembered to tell him!

Totally unrelated, here’s a spider web photo.  We went for a short hike and had to walk waving a stick in front of us because these were all over the place, including stretched across the trail!

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