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Our Injured Pup

September 17th, 2008 · No Comments

I’ve told you about Timmy, our precious Parson Russell Terrier here and here and here and here!  Timmy loves to run and jump and play.  He also has lazy times of day when he will nap.  He’s my little buddy.  He follows me around during the day while the kids are at school and even when they’re home he keeps an eye on me.  But, today he is just laying on a blanket on the couch.  He injured one of his front legs on Monday evening.  My oldest son was carrying Timmy and he jumped out of his arms and I guess he landed badly.  Yesterday he limped each time he got up from laying down, but once he walked a little he seemed better.  I tried to keep him from being too active, but he did run a little and even jumped on and off of our picnic table outside.  It seems to be bothering him more today.  There is no redness or swelling.  I don’t know if I should bring him to the vet or not.  I must admit that I am very quick to want to run to the vet (or pediatrician with the kids) when things are not perfect.  Because I know that is my tendency and in order to avoid lots of unnecessary doctor visits, I consulted with my husband on what to do.  He is more practical than me and less of a worrier.  His advice is to leave Timmy alone, let him rest and heal.  I guess I’ll stick with this advice, for now.  But I wish I could ask the little guy where it hurts, how much is hurts and tell him it will get better.

The veterinary office that we use has a couple of doctors that work there and was owned by an older doctor that didn’t work with patients anymore.  We were very happy with the care our pets received there. But, the older doctor died at the beginning of this year and the office has changed.  We brought our dog, Polly, in during the spring because she was having trouble walking.  After about $500.00 in tests, they came up with nothing.  Only after I specifically asked the vet if it could be Lyme Disease did she say that Polly’s Lyme test came back slightly positive.  (Lyme disease is common in our area of the country.)  All the other tests they performed were fine, so the vet agreed that we should give Polly a $15.00 antibiotic!  I just get the feeling that now that the older doctor is gone, the other doctors are not putting the needs of the patients and their owners first.  I guess like doctors for humans, they want to use all of their fancy expensive equipment.  So…I would feel so badly if I brought Timmy in to be proded and sedated and x-rayed and it turned out that he just has a sore leg. A $500.00. SORE. LEG. Oh yes, my husband would be thrilled.

Do any of you have experience with injured pet legs?  Do you think that because it’s not red or swollen that means it’s okay to let it heal on its own?

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