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Procrastination No More

August 1st, 2008 · 1 Comment

I am such a procrastinator.  I could have stared at this screen forever trying to think of the perfect first post!  Finally, I realized that perfection wasn’t coming; I had better just type what comes to mind.

My name is Gayle.  I am the wife of one wonderful man and the stay at home mom of 3 amazing children.  My children are growing up way too fast.  My oldest is a teen already!  He is 15.  My middle child is nearing teenhood.  She is 12.  My “baby“, a son, is 10 (soon to be 11).  We share our home with our 9 year old Beagle, our 2 year old Parson Russell Terrier, our 6 year old guinea pig, three fish and several snails!

I am shy, always have been.  I’m also a total homebody, so that combination doesn’t make for much socializing.  I used to have plenty of social time with family, but as the years have gone by, some family have moved away and others have passed away.  And, well, somethings missing.  For a shy homebody blogging is made-to-order!  Right?!  That’s why Planet M Files begins today!

Connecting with you is one of several reasons this blog is born.  Do you have a blog?  What made you begin blogging?

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